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1967 Daimler 250-V8

NZ$ 39990

Body Sedan
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.5L
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Beige
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
The classic Daimler 250 V8 is a charming car, as luxurious on the road as a cruise ship is at sea.

We bring you here a most sumptuous Daimler V8 250. Superficially, a Daimler 250 is a badge-engineered Jaguar Mk2. Only a discerning car buff would clock the moulded Daimler grille in place of the Jaguar mascot. But the Daimler isn't a leaping cat with a few changed spots, and should be celebrated as a big beast in its own right. It is powered by the last authentic Daimler engine after Jaguar's takeover – which is not only a dazzling piece of engineering, but imbues the car with a quite different character.

If Jaguar's legendary 3.8-litre is about pouncing faster than Mick Jagger in a singles bar, the more aristocratic Daimler arrives in its own good time. This is a car for driving to the House and then to the club, not for storming up motorways. The Edward Turner engine that found itself in a Williams Lyons body may have been designed for the sporty Daimler Dart but in a compact saloon achieves leisurely progress.


This car has was restored around 2005 and its condition today is still pretty much how it was when it was restored.
Pretty much perfect body. Perfect paintwork, new rubber everywhere.
Excellent interior in cream leather, including door cards and hood lining.
Woodwork in good condition.
Beautiful carpets. All instruments work and in good order.
Recently fitted tyres and wire wheels.
We understand that the motor was reconditioned in 2005 (around the same time the car was restored) at circa 83227miles. It was then sold to a lady owner in 2014 with 88133 miles, after which it traveled circa 1152 miles (that is in the last 4 years), so car only traveled 6058 miles since recondition. It was recently recommissioned (under our ownership) by Christchurch Jaguar / Daimler specialists – John Finlay Motors.
Matching Numbers car.
This vehicle has a presence. It is simply beautiful both to look at and to drive.
Its V8 pulls strongly, with a throaty, 40-a-day rasp, and is a delight on highways.
Jack, spare wire wheel and classic knock of Thor Hammer available with car.
Ten actual owners from new with some traders in between. One family owned for just under 26 years (from 1987 till 2005). Then a lady in Christchurch owned it for 5 years.
A really posh way to travel – this car is an astounding find.

Beautiful to be chauffer driven in. An inspirational Daimler of concours quality throughout. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Car will be sold warranted and registered if sold in New Zealand.


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