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1953 MG TD Midget

Price on request

Body Convertible
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Beige
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
– MG’s Most Successful Model of the Era

Wonderfull restored example
Elegant Red and Beige color combination
The MG TD delivers a pure 1950s open air British driving experience
Its mechanicals are robust and mostly easy to source, which makes ownership relatively straightforward
Owned by the former owner for 39 years
Classic Design with solid performance
‘The Midget is the survival of what, in the opinion of many people, is the right sort of small sports car. It caters for those who look upon motoring not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. Many thousands of these little cars are succeeding admirably in providing their owners with something that will, at one moment, journey forth and do the shopping and, at the next, take part in serious competitive events or tackle a 400-mile journey with zest.’ – The Autocar, 15th May 1953.

MG Stands for Morris Garages, which was the Oxford distributor for Morris cars; co-incidentally, it was also owned by William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. When Cecil Kimber became its general manager in 1922, the firm started modifying standard Morris Cowleys, lowering the chassis and fitting more sporting bodywork.

By 1924, Morris Garages was advertising the “MG Special four-seater Sports”, and had incorporated the famous octagonal badge into the copy. Old Number One was the first MG sports car, but it was the 48th body built for Morris Garages by one firm, Carbodies, since 1924.

Morris Garages outgrew its home three times before moving to Abingdon in 1929, by which time it had been renamed the MG Car Company. During the early 1930s, MG became synonymous with the term “sports car”, and its road cars were promoted by successful racing forays.

The penultimate T-Series Midget, the TD appeared in 1949. A larger car than its predecessors, the TD owed much to the contemporary Y-Type saloon, using a narrowed and modified version of the latter’s box-frame chassis, on which sat an all-new body roomier than before but retaining the classic looks of the traditional MG sportscar and the well-tried 1,250cc XPAG four-cylinder engine.

the TD body offered greatly increased ‘elbow room’ to its occupants when compared to that of the TC. From August 1951 a larger clutch was fitted and associated changes made to the flywheel and bell-housing, subsequent cars being known as the TD II.


This MG TD was newly delivered in the Netherlands on the 25th. of October 1953.

In 1982 the MG changed ownership to a Mr. van Opstal living in Schiedam. He paid at the 8th. of October 30.000,- guilders for the MG.

Mr. van Opstal kept the MG for a short time in comparison to the later and last owner of the car. Mr. Noot who bought the MG at the 15th. of Februari 1984.

Mr. Noot kept the car for 39 years in his possession and recently sold the car to us in order to reduce his collection.

Mr. Noot owned a body repair shop and carried out an impressive restoration on the car resulting in this extraordinary condition.

Not only the looks of the MG are stunning, also the technical aspects of the MG are in a very good order as the car has benefit from a complete technical overhaul including a full engine rebuilt.

The engine which is a 1250 cc 4 cylinder has twin S.U. carbs and produces around 54 horsepower via a 4 speed transmission.

The engine is very powerful for the relative light car which results in a wonderful experience.


A well restored MG TD is a very rare find due to the fact that the restoration costs are much higher then the value of the car.

This MG is very nicely restored. The restoration was a mechnical and cosmetic restoration and included almost all aspects of the MG.

The body was disassembled en completely restored/rebuilt.

One can easily see the high quality and high amounts of money which have been spend on this car.

This wasn’t a cheap and quick overspray but a time consuming and expensive body restoration.

The result is a beautiful deep shining paint, nice fittings of the doors and bonnet as well as nice fittings around the chrome work.

The chrome work itself is also in a beautiful condition.

The MG is complete with all weather equipment being the tonneau cover, the soft top as well as the side windows.


The interior of the MG is equally nice with a beautiful dashboard and nice leather seats and door panels.

The interior is restored to period correct specification.

The steering wheel as well as all the switches and control are in a beautiful and perfect working condition.


Every single detail of this MG seems to be restored. When the bonnet is opened a very clean and fresh engine (area) shows itself. The engine compartment has been taken very well care off during the restoration.

The firewall is beautiful restored and all the engine parts are nicely polished.


Everytime we can buy an MG TD we are surprised by the driving capabilities of these cars.

We are quite large persons and can fit extremely well in the car. The MG is starting on the button and if the car is started it runs beautifully.

The suspension and steering are very direct even as the brakes. The clutch is very responsive and this results in a perfect shifting gearbox.

Overall this is a rare opportunity to acquire an original Dutch and long ownership MG TD that has been restored for a very serious amount of money to a standard which is much higher than is typical for these type of cars.

It’s a car in a beautiful color combination which is cosmetically in an outstanding condition and it runs and drives very very well.
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