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1961 Mercedes-Benz 190-SL

€ 139950

Body Convertible
Odometer 87000
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 1900 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Beige
Interior Color Green
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
A real gem – Mercedes Benz 190 SL 1961 Holland delivered, first owner, 87.000 kms

Sometimes we find a real classic gem.

This doesn't happen quite often and definitely not so nearby.

We are proud to offer this unbelievable Holland delivered, first owner Mercedes Benz 190SL with only 87000 real kms. This is a piece of 190SL-history we probably won't ever see again. Moreover, the complete history of the car has been very well preserved.

The car was new acquired at the Amsterdam-Den Haag Mercedes Benz dealer AGAM on oktober 7th, 1961 by Mr. R. (abbreviated for privacy reasons) for his own company. The original purchase contract and first registration document are both present in the extensive history file. The original purchase price was 17.000 Dutch guilders (equivalent to about 7.600 EUR or 8.880 USD). During the eighties the car has had a lot of maintenance by Mercedes Benz Amsterdam (invoices present) and the invoices mention and confirm the mileage of this unique car was 55.000 kms back then. In 1986 the car became private property of the owner (document present). The history file confirms that in 2004/2005 an extensive restoration was done. In 2013 and 2016 major maintenance was done by a well-known Dutch Mercedes classic car specialist. Communication and invoices of all these activities are present in the extensive history file. In 1987 the owner moved to Belgium and took the Mercedes with him, which is proven by the Belgium registration since then. The history file proofs that the owner, Mr. R, was really fond of his car and he treated the car very well all these years.

Because of his age, Mr. R. decided to sell the car this year (2018), after 57 years of ownership. He actually sold a part of his life to us. We are very happy and proud we had the opportunity to buy this real gem. The car is in a very good condition with respect to its age and especially its history. The paint and mechanical works were done in the 2004/2005 restoration. A lot of mechanical works have been redone in 2013/2016. It was the choice of Mr. R. to never re-do the 2 seats; he loved the patina and originality of the seats. They are still 100% original from the 1961 delivery. Carpeting etc. was renewed. With respect to the beautiful history of this car we leave it as it is and it’s up to the next owner of this great unique 190SL to refurnish the seats or not.